Looking for book by Roma author and a great read?

Have I got the book for you, Rabbi Galina Trefil’s book: ‘The Incomplete Ones: A Tale of Slavery’ gives so much historical knowledge; really makes you think a lot about the weight

The Kit Has Arrived…………

I have spat, swirled, and repackaged to be mailed tomorrow.

DNA, nervous and excited at the same time

So excited to have ordered my test kit from Ancestry. To finally know what all the people in my family who lived in areas that changed names, rulers, empires so long ago;

The Truth Beyond the Crystal Ball By Rabbi Galina Trefil

The historical birth of Romani womanhood was, in itself, an act of violence. Her mothers, mainly the Hindu warrior Rajput caste living between Northern India and Pakistan, came under an attack from

As Seen in the Guardian UK

Why Hate on Fortunetellers? Tales of a Fortune Teller I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time, I think I need some distance from the emotionally charged atmosphere to

Wold Roma Day Ceremony

Toolkit to Introduce Roma People to American Teachers

From Bulgaria

I cannot imagine living with these issues. I am trying to wrap my head around this type of racism. I live in a black/white area, not everything clear, but skin color. http://www.romatransitions.org/anti-roma-feelings-are-increasing-and-nobody-cares/

Awesome-sauce at University of Pittsburgh

I went to the Symposium on Romani Music, Culture, and Human Rights in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia today. Big ups to Dr. Adriana von Helbig and all of her students